“Do a Little Dance”

Kids love to move and dance!

Have your kids dancing and singing along with this upbeat floor game designed to

teach 2 to 20 students! It was designed to teach the names of the notes on the grand staff.

How it Works…

There are 20 two sided cards. One side has the name of the note beside it, and the other side does not.

The teacher has the choice to use just the treble or bass clef cards, or the entire grand staff.

Once the students learn the notes, you can turn the cards over and see how well they do without the note names!

The teacher or students place the cards in a circle, and each student picks a card to begin on.

Using the included music CD, the students walk in a circle until the music stops. You, the teacher, then

call out a letter on the staff, and the student that has stopped on that letter gets to do a little dance!

Kids really enjoy showing off and being silly with their friends!

What is included?

  • 20 double sided, laminated staff note cards
  • The accompaniment CD
  • Full instructions and innovative ways to use the game

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